The Exhibition

Hi again readers,

Recently, Year 6 have been undertaking a unit of inquiry called ‘The Exhibition’ which is a project which is spread over a number of weeks. The focus of ‘The Exhibition’ was for us to gain more understanding of various topics related to our central idea ‘Peace and conflict affect our world’. We were split up into groups of about 2-4 people and given a topic related to the central idea.  I was in a group with my classmates Jess and Rosie. We were given the topic of Domestic Violence. Firstly, we had to write lines of inquiry to relate to our topic and then inquire into them.

Our lines of inquiry were:

  • Systems are in place to help victims of domestic violence
  • Domestic violence impacts a range of areas in peoples lives
  • Perspectives of domestic violence can prevent victims from seeking help

After this, we were asked to create a geographical component, something interactive and take some form of action to show at our exhibition showcase. For our geographical task, we made a map of the top 11 countries in which domestic violence is most common. It was interesting to see that countries of lower socioeconomic status are the ones most affected by domestic abuse.

The purpose of the interactive component was to engage the people that come to our stand at the showcase and to allow them to interact with something related to our topic. Our group decided to create two interactive components. The first was a large poster with a red heart in the middle. The words ‘Love is…….’ were written on the heart and people could write what they think love is around the heart. We thought it would be interesting to see what people wrote and get them thinking.

The purpose of our second interactive task was to get visitors to our stand thinking about what they would take is they had to leave home because of domestic violence. We had a picture of a suitcase and a number of items stuck around it. We made people place as many of the items in the suitcase as they wanted, but then told them to narrow it down until they were only left with three items. We hope this got people thinking about the effects of domestic abuse.

Next came our action. Like our interactive tasks, we decided to take two forms of action. The first was to donate money and toiletries to an organization called The Beauty Bank. The Beauty Bank is a registered charity that provides victims of domestic violence with the simple necessities in life that some of us take for granted. For example, toiletries and cosmetic items. We sent out a message asking for toiletries and got many responses. We ended up collecting lots of toiletries which The Beauty Bank were very thankful to receive.

To raise money to donate to The Beauty Bank, each of our group members baked cookies, cakes and brownies which I sold at my swimming club. In result of this, we ended up raising $575 for The Beauty Bank and donated many toiletries as well which will go towards helping those affected by domestic abuse.

Our second form of action was to create a video raising awareness of where victims of domestic abuse can go to seek help. Jess and Rosie starred in the video and I filmed and edited it on a program called Adobe Premiere Pro which I also used for my passion project. I  think the video went really well and educated victims well on where they can seek help.

Throughout this experience, I learnt a lot about domestic violence and its impacts. I think the main thing I learnt was to look for the signs, seek help or help those in need and that everyone can make a difference. I had so much fun, especially when completing both forms of action as it felt great to help those in need and make a change.

Sienna xox


Year 7 Orientation!

Hi again readers,

I hope you have all had a great school holiday, I certainly did! Even though I really enjoyed the holidays, I am also incredibly excited that school has started back again. As you may know,  there is less that one term until the end of Year 6 and whilst I am very upset to leave Year 6, I also can’t wait for next year. On Monday and Tuesday, my grade and I participated in the Year 7 orientation. It was a great two days, consisting of testing Monday morning, followed by fun activities such as Drama, Sport, Visual arts, Science and Food Tech, allowing us to learn new things and form new friendships with girls from other schools. We were educated about what Year 7 might be like and the challenges that may arise, as well as the various opportunities available to us. I am so excited to enter high school and I cannot wait to try something new.

Drama consisted of a range of activities aimed to develop our confidence and thinking skills.  We played games such as space jump, a game that requires you to think on the spot and opposite games that really got our mind ticking. In the sports session, we did gymnastics and used equipment such as the ribbons and beams. Visual Arts was great fun as well. We got different parts of our brain working with many activities. One of these was trying to draw the person opposite us with our non-confident hand, eyes looking away from the paper and we weren’t allowed to lift our pencil once. I, unfortunately, missed Science due to a music audition but got back in time for Food Technology.  In this session, everyone split into groups and followed a recipe to made bliss balls. It was great fun, though it got pretty messy.

Overall, it was a great two days in which I learnt lots about next year. I met so many new people and I cannot wait to join Year 7!!

Sienna xox


Meaningful Music

Hi again readers,

I was listening to the radio earlier and there was a song which I fell in love with straight away. This song was by one of my favourite artists, Hailee Steinfeld, and called ‘Most Girls. I think the message is one that is not thought of or conveyed very often. When someone says, “You’re not like most girls” many of us take that as a compliment, but really when you think about it, it’s not. The meaning of the song ‘Most girls’ in my eyes, is that we all feel comfortable wearing and doing different things and that is okay. It’s about feeling comfortable in yourself and respecting everyone’s differences. If someone wants to change the ‘body that they came in’ as said in the song, then we should respect that. It’s saying that most girls are smart, strong, and beautiful and that we should want to be like most girls. Something I was a bit interested in was when my classmates and I were discussing the song ‘Most Girls’ at recess. We were having a debate on the words of the song. Everyone else was certain the words were ‘I don’t want to be like most girls’ while I knew that was wrong. I was interested why they thought that. I wonder why this was….. Another one of Hailee Steinfeld’s songs ‘Love Myself’ is another one of my favourites and tells of how you should love yourself every time of day. It’s meaning is that we should value ourselves and love who we are and what we have achieved. We should be proud of who we are. I would definitely recommend listening to these songs.

Sienna xox

Attitude of Gratitude 

Hi again readers,

I want you to ask yourself if you have you ever expressed your gratitude to someone special in your life or taken the time to stop and reflect on the opportunities you have access to.

At school, we have all been learning about having an attitude of gratitude and how to be thankful for all we have been given. When we express gratitude, we acknowledge all the positive things in our lives. There are others who are responsible for the goodness in our lives and by regularly expressing our gratitude to them, it helps us to maintain greater happiness.

When we acknowledging the privileges we are bestowed with in everyday life, it helps us to learn to embrace every opportunity we get given to the greatest extent. If we do this we can forget about living our life doubting every decision we make and stop wishing we had taken the chance. Even if those opportunities fail, it helps us to learn and makes our confidence stronger.

Expressing your gratitude is great for your overall health and well being, and helps us acknowledge the simple things in our life that shouldn’t go without notice. We can express our gratitude for one another by keeping a gratitude journal, telling someone how much you care about them to there face, by committing a random act of kindness, by showing respect, by listening or by simply smiling.

For example, the other day I was thinking about how much my friend Mia meant to me, so I decided to send her an email telling her how much I value all that she has done for me. This random act of kindness not only made her feel happier, but helped me to feel more positive about myself. 

An American author, Melody Beattie once said,

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.  Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”


Sienna xox


Self Reflection-Passion project

Hi again readers,

I hope you all enjoyed the finished video that I attached to my last post. This post however is about reflecting on my work and seeing what I could of done better and what I did well.

I learnt lots from the experience, not just through what I did but through what I got taught. One of the things I learnt the most from the experience was how to work and correctly use premier pro, as it was very difficult at first. When I first opened the program up I was shocked at the amount of filtering, editing and more that was possible. I quickly learnt through trial and error and had the chance once I had put my video together, for my mums friend Daniel to come over to teach me how to do some things that I couldn’t do myself.

Throughout this process I also learnt how to effectively express a message through words and pictures. Through my video my main aim was to display a clear message though each of the three mini stories in which the video consisted. I think I learnt a lot from making my video in terms of how to display a message clearly in a way that people will understand. Some other things I learnt were how to take a good photo/video and time management.

I really enjoyed the experience, mainly because I was able to display and incorporate all my passions into a project that had meaning and could influence others. On the day we got to show our projects I learnt a lot in terms of what I could of done better. On the day, as I was prepared for, I was unable to share my video with girls from K-4 and only got the chance to display it for years 5-6. I realised that even though girls in the older years may understand the video and its meaning, the girls in the younger years don’t understand the meaning, what it means or the message it is trying to convey. In the end, it turned out that most of year 5 didn’t understand my video at all and thought it was either funny or gross or had no meaning at all. With this feedback, I realise that I could of made it a bit more friendly to the younger years, but in saying that I think that it needed to be all that it was in order to express the message clearly.

Another area I think I could of improved in on presentation day was the presentation of the process I went through to make my video. I saw that many of the other had posters or diagrams of there process while I had it all recorded on my blog but not on my table. I think that if I had shown those pieces of information it would of attracted more attention and helped people to understand the process I went though in completing my project as it wasn’t as simple as it seems.

On the presentation day, I got the chance to see some of the other amazing projects that my peers had worked on.

Some of my favourites were:


Jaimee took photographs and then made them into cards and sold them on the day to raise money for the TEAR foundation. I think this was a great project because it incorporated Jaimee’s love of photography as well as helping a valuable cause.


Jess made lots of D.I.Y’s and used lots of creativity. I loved this project as it showed Jess’s creative and inventive side and she made beautiful things like her quilt cover.


Grace stepped outside the box and explored screen printing and made beautiful designs on T-Shirts. I love this idea as it is inventive and I think Grace did a great job.


Abby created home in a bag, and worked with mission Australia to give out packs of necessities to the homeless through winter. I love this project because it shows Abby’s kind heart and is something that is helping the less fortunate.

Thank you all for helping me to complete my video and I hoped you all liked it. If you have any suggestions, feedback or thumbs up, feel free to comment on this post or my previous one. Thanks.

Keep Sparkling,


My presentation table


Passion project; Week 7 – Final post!!!

Hi again readers!,

I am super excited to say that I have finished my video and am very happy with it. It has been a challenge but I have enjoyed every moment of it.  Some of the challenges I faced during the past 7 weeks were:

  • Speeding up some of the clips
  • Editing the text bubbles
  • Getting scrolling credits
  • Finding time and places to film
  • Finding a program that I could upload my video to that would allow me to use the music as it is copyrighted

Some of the positives and negatives of my video are:


  • I think it expressed the message I wanted to convey effectively
  • I think I made it look more effective by using different filters to edit the photos and videos
  • I think I managed my time well
  • I believe I used a great program to edit my video even though it seemed quite hard to use at first


  • I could of made the section in the video where Abby is typing a bit more stable and clear
  • I didn’t have the chance to add transitions in between every clip
  • I think I could of made some of the clips seem a bit more realistic


I just want to say a huge thank you to my parents who have helped me to pull this off, to my amazing actors (Mia, Abby, Jess, Ashley, Grace, Holly and Jaimee), to DD who lent me her ballet costume, Mr L who helped me with lighting for Mia, to Daniel who showed me showed me how to do certain things in premiere pro eg. how to speed up clips, to everyone who has commented on my posts and to everyone else who has helped me complete my video.

Attached bellow is the finished music video. I hope you like it!

If the video doesn’t work then here is the link:

Thanks again,


Passion project week 6!

Hi everyone!,

I am super nervous as we are presenting our projects next Thursday. I am pretty sure I will be able to get it all done. On the weekend I got the chance to video Jess and Abby for the video and they were super amazing so a special thank you to them! Yesterday, I got the chance to video some of the girls in my class for the chorus and they also did an amazing job, as well as some more shots of Mia. I am pretty far in editing and my mums friend who edits videos on the program I am using is coming over to help me edit. I have chosen a darker filter for the shots of Jess and chosen to make the shots of Mia in black and white. Thank you so much again to my amazing main actresses Jess, Mia and Abby and to my other actors Holly, Ashley, Jaimee and Grace. Attached bellow are some of the photos of Jess and Abby as well as some of the shots of the girls in the chorus and me editing.

Thanks again for all your support,


Me editing the video
Girls for the chorus
Shots of Mia in black and white
Shots of Mia in black and white

Passion Project – Week 5!

Hello again readers!,

Just an update on the progress of my passion project. Yesterday afternoon I got the opportunity to film Mia. I was going to film her in the 20 minute gap between dance and assembly but couldn’t, so I had to quickly organise it so that I could film after school. Dakota very kindly brought in her ballet outfit for Mia to wear and I managed to get Mr L to help me with the lighting which was really great. Mia was a really big help and a great actress and I really appreciate her staying behind to do that with me. Thanks Mia! The only other 2 problems were that I didn’t get as much filming done as I would of liked to, due to the fact that someone had already booked the stage and some of the best shots came out a bit blurry. I hope to film Abby and Jess on the weekend so that I can have next week to edit the film. I have decided to use premier pro as it is an effective program that has many settings (maybe a bit too many) and I believe will be the best program to make my video on. Down below are some photos of me filming Mia, some of the shots I took of her and some photos of me using premier pro.

Keep sparkling,


Passion Project week 4 – The ‘doing phase’

Hi again readers!,

Just updating you all on the progress of my passion project. The biggest challenge so far has been finding a time were me and my actors can meet for filming. My amazing actors are going to be Mia, Abby and Jess. I have a clear idea on what I am going to have them doing in the video and are currently sorting out a program to create it on and the places I am going to film at. I am thinking of using creative cloud to create it on as it is an effective program in which my mum uses for work and am going to use different places for filming hopefully including my schools stage. I am going to start filming this week and hopefully will be able to complete all filming by the end of next week.

Thats all for now,


Passion Project Week 3

Hi again readers!,

This week for my passion project I have been finalising the script for my video and have been thinking about who I am going to use to be the main stars in it. I had some difficulties in thinking of things to do in each scene but am on the right track now that I have gotten going.  To complete my task I will need equipment, resources, information and others advice and guidance to help me finish my music video in time. 

Equipment/resources I will need =

  • Camera
  • Script
  • Props for each scene
  • Programs (such as photoshop, photomania, pexel)

Information I will need =

  • How to effectively take a photos and videos
  • How to correctly use the programs I am planning on using

People I will need =

  • My friends who will be staring in my video
  • My family (helping me)

In completing my music video I will be learning the skills of how to take effective photos, use different programs and settings to creatively display my work and learning how to express a message through pictures as a picture tells a thousand words. I will know I have done this when my video is completed and there is no possible way I can improve it. The video will be clear and understandable and the message would be clearly conveyed.

What are some of your passions?

Keep sparkling,